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Can you measure distance with a laser?

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Can you measure distance with a laser?

Can you measure distance with a laser?

Hello, yes, I can. I just need to know a few questions during the test, as follows:

Can you measure distance with a laser?

1. Using the principle of infrared ranging or laser ranging

The principle of ranging can basically be summed up in measuring the time required for light to travel to and from the target, and then the distance D can be calculated through the light speed c=299792458m/s and the atmospheric refractive index n. because it is difficult to directly measure the time, it is usually to measure the phase of continuous wave, which is called phase measuring rangefinder. Of course, there are also pulse rangefinders, typically the wide di-3000.

It should be noted that phase measurement is not to measure the phase of the infrared or laser, but to measure the signal phase modulated on the infrared or laser. There is a hand-held laser rangefinder in the construction industry, which is used for house measurement, and its working principle is the same.

Can you measure distance with a laser?

2. The plane of the measured object must be perpendicular to the light

Generally, precision ranging requires the cooperation of total reflection prism, while the range finder used for house measurement is directly measured by the reflection of smooth wall surface, mainly because the distance is relatively close, and the signal intensity reflected by the light is large enough. From this, we can know that it must be vertical, otherwise the return signal is too weak to get an accurate distance.

measure distance with a laser

3. The plane of the object can be measured as diffuse reflection

It is usually possible. In practical projects, thin plastic plates will be used as reflecting surfaces to solve the problem of serious diffuse reflection.

measure distance with a laser

4. The accuracy of ultrasonic distance measurement is relatively low and less used.

a laser measure distance

5. The accuracy of laser rangefinder can reach 1mm, which is suitable for various high-precision measurement purposes.

a laser measure distance

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